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Are you looking for a permanent content writing job that can earn money for you as a passive income with minimum time and effort?

You are in a good place. Topblogtenz is a Professional educational website. Here, we will provide you only highly researched content and are dedicated to providing you the best of blogging, with a focus on high-quality educational content. 

Are you want to join us and become a part of the Topblogtenz family? So, let’s see How it works.

We are searching for high-quality content writers about anything related to education that may help students and our readers to get ideas and knowledge.

Our Topic of Writing Categories:

  1. Chemistry
  2. Physics
  3. Biology
  4. Math
  5. General science, etc.

If you are interested in any of the above topics and have a great skill of writing, and want to earn passive income from this, then apply for the jobs at Topblogtenz.

How you will make money as a content writer for Topblogtenz?

The process is simple and easy to understand. Our blog( is almost 1 year old and we are getting more than 80 thousand visitors per month.

Our blog also made a good domain authority which can help us to rank the new article faster than ever. 

So, if you are going to write for Topblogtenz, then your article will easily rank on google first page and you will get a lot of traffic.

We are monetized with the Ezoic platform that gives 3 to 4 times more earning than the people earning with Google Adsense.

Let’s take an example How you will earn money?

  1. You write a good article on any topic.
  2. Your article will rank on Google’s first page because of our blog domain authority as Google gives preference to the old website with high-quality content.
  3. Your article ranked on the first page of google and you are started to get visitors to your article.
  4. Now with the help of our ad network(Ezoic), your articles will make money per month.
  5. Let’s take an example, your article makes around 100 dollars per month, so from this, you will get 80 dollars, which means, you will make 80% money as passive income from your articles.
  6. Write more articles for us, make more money as passive income.

Note: We have limited vacancies for Content writers for our site.

Contact fast and send your information given below.

  • Your name, country.
  • Education qualification.
  • Why do we hire you as a content writer?
  • Are looking for part-time or permanent jobs as a content writer?

Skill Required

  1. Good English writing skills.
  2. Have some SEO knowledge.
  3. Know how to edit and manage the content.

Don’t miss the opportunity, work for us that will help you to earn passive income.

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