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SeCl6, also known as selenium hexachloride, is a nonpolar molecule. Although the individual Cl-Se-Cl bonds are polar due to the electronegativity difference between them.

The shape of SeCl6 is perfect octahedral, due to this, the dipole moment of each individual bond gets canceled by others leading to a net dipole moment of zero and making this overall molecule (SeCl6) nonpolar.

secl6 polar or nonpolar

PolarityNon polarity
Molecules with a polar covalent bond.Molecules with a nonpolar covalent bond.
The electrons are not shared equally between atoms.The electrons are shared equally between atoms.
The molecule has a positive and negative end.The molecule has no positive or negative ends.
The molecule will dissolve in polar solvents.The molecule will dissolve in nonpolar solvents.
Examples: H2O, NH3, etc.Examples: CH4, SeCl6, etc.

In summary, polar molecules have a net dipole moment, meaning they have a positive and negative end due to the electrons being shared unequally between atoms.

While nonpolar molecules have no net dipole moment and electrons are shared equally between atoms, resulting in no positive or negative ends.

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