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  • The Bohr Model of Seaborgium (Sg) has a nucleus that contains 157 neutrons and 106 protons.
  • This nucleus is surrounded by seven electron shells.
  • The first shell of the Bohr diagram of Seaborgium has 2 electrons, the 2nd shell has 8, the 3rd shell has 18, the 4th has 32, the 5th also has 32, the 6th shell has 12, and the 7th shell has 2 electrons.
NameSeaborgium Bohr Model
Number of neutrons157
Number of protons106
Number of electrons106
Total electron shells7
Electron in the First shell2
Electrons in the Second shell8
Electrons in the Third shell18
Electrons in the Fourth shell32
Electrons in the Fifth shell32
Electrons in the Sixth shell12
Electrons in the Seventh shell2

Bohr model of Seaborgium (Sg)


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