Based on formal charges, draw the most preferred lewis structure for the chlorate ion, ClO3−.

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The fewer the formal charges present on the bonded atoms in a molecule (close to zero), the greater the stability of its Lewis structure.

So, the lewis structure of ClO3 with the least formal charge will be most preferred.

The most preferred Lewis structure of ClO3 is as shown below.

based on formal charges the most preferred lewis structure for the chlorate ion clo3−

It consists of a total of 26 valence electrons. A chlorine (Cl) atom is present at the center, which is bonded to two atoms of oxygen (O) via double covalent bonds and another oxygen atom via a single covalent bond.

One lone pair of electrons is present at the central Cl-atom. Each of the two double-bonded O-atoms contains 2 lone pairs, while the single-bonded O-atom contains 3 lone pairs, respectively.

It is the most preferred Lewis structure of ClO3 because the formal charges are minimized in it, and thus, it is the most stable.

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